September 10, 2014 Meeting Minutes

Board of Library Trustees for Caroline County
September 10, 2014 Meeting Minutes
Approved January 28, 2015

The meeting was called to order in the Central Library’s large meeting room at 5:40 PM by President Caroll Visintainer.

Caroll Visintainer, Gale Nashold, Steve Fleegle, Terenda Thomas, Bart Johnson, Wayne Dhue; and Debby Bennett, Executive Director were present. Office Manager Lynn Fuchs and auditor Roy Geiser from TGM Group were present at the beginning of the meeting.

Board member Abby McNinch was not present.
There were no members of the public present.

Ms. Bennett introduced the two new board members, Bart Johnson and Wayne Dhue to the rest of the board.


Mr. Geiser reviewed the library’s FY14 audit with the board. He indicated that there were a few needed amendments in wording in the Management Discussion & Analysis section that Ms. Bennett will provide him. Mr. Geiser also reviewed the fund balance categories and what was spent in each of them in FY14. Steve Fleegle moved that the audit be approved with stated amendments. Gale Nashold seconded the motion. It was passed unanimously. Mr. Nashold did ask that starting next year, TGM provide the draft electronically one week in advance for the board to review prior to their September meeting.


Terenda Thomas moved that the minutes of the June 2014 meeting be approved as written. Steve Fleegle seconded the motion. It was passed unanimously.

Treasurers report

Ms. Bennett reviewed with the Board both the Balance Sheet and the Treasurer’s Report. The reports were accepted to be filed for audit.

Staff quarterly report with statistical highlights was emailed ahead of the meeting and briefly discussed.

Annual FY14 Report – A draft was provided the board and was quickly reviewed. If the board has any recommendations for changes, they are asked to email them to Ms. Bennett in the next few days so staff can finalize the report.

Annual Plan for FY15 – board reviewed and suggested some edits and additions. Otherwise, they approved of the plan.

Report of the Executive Director

Communications with MRDC concerning NCB improvements: URS, the company the MRDC board engaged is currently working to replace NCB’s high windows. They received bids for the job and will make their recommendation to the MRDC board next week.
Federalsburg Improvements: The Federalsburg USDA project was completed at the end of June. The August 18 Open House to celebrate its completion and thank all the partners who helped with the project was a big success.
New NCB Manager: Tara Hill-Coursey began work July 1, 2014. She has completed her initial training at the Central Library and is now working at NCB. Staff would like the Board to help organize an Open House to introduce Ms. Hill-Coursey to the community. Mr. Nashold and Mr. Fleegle agreed to help.
New bequest: The library received notice of an upcoming $20,000 donation to the Federalsburg Branch from the estate of Damon Bee.
The library’s annual Customer Appreciation Day was held Saturday, Sept 6 and was very successful with around 300 people attending. Families arrived close to 10 AM and stayed for the entire time (1 PM). A photo collage created by Lynn Fuchs gave a good pictorial overview of the fun activities.

Old Business

President Visintainer reviewed with the board the new process they discussed and voted to follow at their June 2014 meeting to expedite meeting minutes approval, given the board only meets quarterly. To review, as soon as the Executive Director and Secretary have a draft copy of the minutes ready, the Secretary will email it to the board for approval via email. The board members will email their vote to the Board President. Once approved, the Executive Director can then post the approved minutes on the library’s web site. At the next meeting, the board would note in the minutes when and how the prior meeting minutes were approved.

New Business

The board reviewed and approved the following:
Internet policy – no recommended changes from staff
Staff recommended new Security Camera policy
Staff recommended revised Computer Access policy
Ms. Bennett recommended revised Rules of Procedure of the Board of Library Trustees for Caroline County
Ms. Bennett recommended one revision to the Caroline County Public Library Bylaws

Actions taken

Approved the FY14 audit with stated amendments
Approved the June minutes.
Approved no changes to the Internet Policy
Approved new Security Camera Policy as written
Approved revised Computer Access Policy with one change by the board
Approved revised Rules of Procedure of the Board of Library Trustees for Caroline County
Approved revision of Ms. Bennett’s title to the Caroline County Public Library Bylaws

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM

Next meetings: December 10, 2014, February , 2015 (dependent on County Commissioners FY16 budget timeline), June 10, 2015, September 9, 2015

Respectfully submitted,

Gale Nashold, Board Secretary