June 11, 2014 Meeting Minutes

Board of Library Trustees for Caroline County
June 11, 2014 Meeting Minutes
Approved at the September 10, 2014 Meeting

The meeting was called to order in the Central Library’s large meeting room at 5:40 PM by President Caroll Visintainer.

Caroll Visintainer, Lisa May, Gale Nashold, Steve Fleegle, Terenda Thomas; and Debby Bennett, Executive Director were present. Staff members John Courie and Christy Cheesum were present at the beginning of the meeting.

Board member Abby McNinch was not present. Board member Debbie Mandycz tendered her resignation March 28, 2014 due to moving out of the county.

There were no members of the public present.

Staff presentation
Christy Cheezum, who is charge of the library’s web site and social media demonstrated the library’s soon-to-go live new web site. It has the branded look of the rest of the library’s marketing materials, is cleaner looking, and easier for staff and customers to navigate. It is also ADA compliant. She and John Courie, System and Network Manager think it will be ready to go live by the end of June.

Christy proposed a revised Accessibility Statement that would be posted on the new web site. The revision indicates that we have a new, ADA compliant website. Gale Nashold moved that it be approved with the revisions. Lisa May seconded. It was unanimously approved.

Staff requests
Debby Bennett filled in for Ann Reinecke, who at the last minute was unable to attend.
Photocopying and Scanning Policy – revised. Now all three locations have the same copier. These copiers also offer scanning to a thumb drive or to email. They are not coin operated and do not accommodate 11x17 paper. Lisa May moved that the revised policy be approved. Terenda Thomas seconded. It was unanimously approved.
Meeting Room regulations – Staff updated and revised this document to include the computer training lab and new study room both at the Central Library. Additionally they requested that weekly bookings be changed from a six week limit to an eight week limit. Lisa May moved that the board approve the proposed revised document. Steve Fleegle seconded. It was unanimously approved.
Rules of Conduct – the staff asked to add the following statements to what is prohibited: any activity prohibited by law, being in and around library property with no apparent lawful business to pursue at the library [loitering], sleeping, and offensive personal hygiene. Lisa May moved that the board approve the revised policy. Terenda Thomas seconded. It was approved unanimously.
Sunshine Committee request for $3000 funding from the library’s overdues or booksale revenues. They submitted a letter thanking the Board for the FY14 funds and that they would like to continue their staff appreciation program. Gale Nashold moved that the board approve this request. Lisa May seconded. It was unanimously approved.

Lisa May moved that the minutes of the February 2014 meeting be approved as written. Gale Nashold seconded the motion. It was passed unanimously.
President Visintainer asked for a new process to expedite meeting minutes approval, given the board only meets quarterly. As soon as the Executive Director and Secretary have a draft copy of the minutes ready, the Secretary would email it to the board for approval via email. Once approved, the Executive Director can then post the approved minutes on the library’s web site. At the next meeting, the board would note in the minutes when and how the prior meeting minutes were approved. Gale Nashold moved that the board begin following this procedure. Lisa May seconded. It was passed unanimously.

Treasurers report
Ms. Bennett reviewed with the Board both the Balance Sheet and the Treasurer’s Report. The reports were accepted to be filed for audit.
Ms. Bennett also reviewed the expenditures using restricted funds and unrestricted funds to date with the board.

Staff quarterly report with statistical highlights was emailed ahead of the meeting and briefly discussed.

Report of the Executive Director
Capital projects:
The Federalsburg USDA project will be completed by the end of June. A meeting room AV upgrade is the last item to complete.
The Central Library’s computer training lab and study room upgrade is complete except for the arrival of new furniture. This project was funded with the funds from the sale of the bookmobile. ESRL grant funds were used to purchase the furniture. The gently used modular walls were free, saving the library approximately $30,000.
NCB improvements: URS, the company the MRDC board engaged has made some improvements of the outside property, including replacing sidewalks and ramps, removing dead and ugly plants, power washing the outside of the facility, and installing two large fans in the library to help with winter heating. They are planning to replace or repair the adjoining roofs to the library and replace the high windows in the library to address the leaks. An engineer was to inspect the current windows June 12.
NCB Manager position:
The search committee just finished interviewing four candidates. They have a candidate to whom they wish to offer the job.
Ms. Bennett shared with the Board about the Baltimore County Executive announcing he was going to transfer 28 Baltimore County Public Library employees to the county to work, some of whom are librarians. The Maryland Association of Public Library Administrators is very concerned about the legality of this action, believing this action directly conflicts with the Maryland Education Law and has serious implications with regard to retirement and employee rights.
Ms. Bennett also shared with the Board a library staff Pocket Response Plan that Lynn Fuchs developed after attending a safety workshop with Ms. Bennett.

Old Business
The county has budgeted $25,666 FY2015 Capital funds for the library to use for capital improvements.
Ms. Bennett submitted to the board a revised FY2015 Operating Budget. The changes reflect the flat funding from the county and state, and include hiring a new North County Branch Manager and final health and dental insurance costs for the year. The revised budget reduced the amount of fund balance needed to balance the budget by $12,310. The board members discussed their concern over having to continue to use it’s unrestricted fund balance to balance budgets. Terenda Thomas moved that the board approved the revised budget. Lisa May seconded. It was approved unanimously.

New Business

Appreciation of the contributions of both Lisa May and Debbie Mandycz to the Board of Library Trustees
President Visintainer thanked Ms. May for her 5 ½ years of service on the Board, including that of President. She presented Ms. May with a certificate of appreciation and small gift.
She also praised the contributions of Ms. Mandycz, who served for 4 ½ years, the last two years as Secretary. A certificate of appreciation and small gift will be mailed to Ms. Mandycz.

Nominating Committee
New board members: Gale Nashold and Steve Fleegle offered three names to replace Lisa May, who completes her first term June 30, 2014 and does not wish to serve for a second term; and to finish the term of Debbie Mandycz, who moved out of county and resigned in March, 2014. They nominated James B. “Bart” Johnson of Federalsburg and Wayne C. Dhue of Goldsboro. Both have lived here most of their lives and are businessmen. The motion passed 5-1 in favor of Mr. Johnson and Mr. Dhue. Ms. Bennett will send letters to the County Commissioners requesting the appointment of Mr. Johnson and Mr. Dhue to the Board of Library Trustees.
Their proposed slate of officers to serve for FY 2015 was passed unanimously.
President: Caroll Visintainer
Vice Pres.: Abby McNinch
Secretary: Gale Nashold
Treasurer: Terenda Thomas

The William S. Briggs bequest of $5,000 is restricted by the donor to be used for the North County Branch in Greensboro.
The Mary Ann Praley bequest of $15,000 plus just under $6000 from an IRA in her estate is to be used for materials and programs for children up to the age of seven. She did state that if the board had a stronger need, they could over-ride her wishes.
Steve Fleegle made a motion that the library set up separate restricted accounts for both bequests and that staff will need to make a request to the board for use of these funds. Gale Nashold seconded. The board approved the motion unanimously.

Library Trustee Academy
The Maryland State Department of Education, Division of Library Development and Services has purchased access for one year to the United for Libraries Trustee Academy, a series of online courses for MD public library directors and boards of Trustees. Access is provided through May 31, 2015. The courses are designed to help trustees become more proficient in their roles on behalf of their libraries. Ms. Bennett provided the board with information about the series and login information.

Actions taken
Approved the February minutes.
Approved proposed revised Accessibility Statement.
Approved proposed revised Photocopying and Scanning Policy.
Approved proposed revised Meeting Room, Computer Training Lab and Study Room regulations.
Approved proposed revised Rules of Conduct Policy.
Approved Sunshine Committee request to spend up to $3000 of funds from revenues from either library fines or used book sales.
Approved the proposed revised FY15 Operating Budget.
Approved setting up new restricted accounts for the Briggs and Praley bequests and policy for staff to request funds from these accounts.
Approved new procedure to approve board minutes via email as soon as the Secretary can send them out to the board members.
Approved the nomination of Bart Johnson and Wayne Dhue to the board and a new slate of officers for FY15.

Meeting adjourned at 8:10 PM

Next meetings: September 10, 2014; December 10, 2014

Respectfully submitted,

Debby Bennett, Executive Director for Board Secretary