June 10, 2015 Meeting Minutes

Board of Library Trustees for Caroline County
June 10, 2015 
Meeting Minutes
Approved October 14, 2015

The meeting was called to order in the Central Library’s large meeting room at 5:45 PM by President Caroll Visintainer.

Caroll Visintainer, Gale Nashold, Amy Brandt, Terenda Thomas, Bart Johnson, Wayne Dhue, and Debby Bennett, Executive Director were present.

Steve Fleegle was not present.

There were no members of the public present.

Dr. Visintainer welcomed new member Amy Brandt to the board and introductions were made.

Terenda Thomas moved that the minutes of the April 8, 2015 meeting be approved as written. Bart Johnson seconded the motion.  It was passed unanimously.

Treasurers report
Ms. Bennett reviewed with the Board both the Balance Sheet and the Treasurer’s Report. The reports were accepted to be filed for audit. 

Staff quarterly report with statistical highlights was emailed ahead of the meeting and briefly discussed.

Report of the Executive Director
•    Amanda Courie, Youth Services Manager was named Citizens for Maryland Libraries Outstanding Employee of the Year.
•    MRDC
o    Ms. Bennett discussed her continued issues with MRDC’s representative regarding setting and reconciling the library’s annual CAM (common area maintenance) agreement that runs December – November of each year. Nothing has changed since the Board’s April meeting.  The MRDC representative refuses to communicate with Ms. Bennett to resolve the 2014 CAM or finalize the 2015 CAM.  Per County Administrator Ken Decker’s recommendation, Ms. Bennett will send the final payment the library is willing to pay on the 2014 CAM and consider that year finalized; and send her final recommended 2015 CAM with her signature to him requesting that MRDC invoice the library for December 2014 – June 2015, so that we can close our FY2015 books.  The board concurred with this recommendation.
o    No updates on when MRDC’s and Head Start’s roof repairs will be completed.  The library did have a new small leak and the same leak along the wall between the library and MRDC during a heavy rainstorm in early June.
•    The police was called on two occasions recently to address situations at the Central Library regarding a stolen bicycle and vandalism to its public restrooms.
•    Barnes Electric, as an approved vendor of Delmarva Power C&I Energy Savings Program was able to apply for grant funds to retrofit most of the lights to LED lighting at both our Denton and Federalsburg locations. Federalsburg is completed.  Denton will be completed in another week or so.
o    There are State gains by reducing the load on power plants.  The library gains by lower electric bills, not having to pay for the retrofit, and lower costs of replacing bulbs and ballasts.  The Caroline County Public Works will gain by having less work time replacing bulbs and ballasts for the library.  LED bulbs are projected to have a life expectancy of several years.
o    The project saved the library and the county $‎100,235.00.  Barnes Electric handled the paperwork, ordered the light fixtures and lights and did the work.
•    The Eastern Shore Regional Library will lead a serious discussion with all eight Eastern Shore public library systems to see if it is time to have a shared ILS (Integrated Library System), which is our automated catalog and circulation system. 

Old Business
•    The Caroline County Commissioners voted to give the Library $44,000 Capital funding for FY2016.
•    The Caroline County Commissioners voted to give the library half of the board’s requested increase, which is $42,435 over flat funding for their FY2016 Operating Budget. The board members discussed their appreciation that the Commissioners were able to give them the partial increase, understanding the financial challenges Caroline County still faces.  Operating funding for materials, programs, and staff development are still greatly reduced and will once again depend on grants and Friends of the Library funding.
•    Amy Brandt moved that the proposed final FY2016 Operating Budget be approved.  Bart Johnson seconded.  It was passed unanimously.
•    In discussing the need for additional funds and funding sources, the board members decided they would like to hold a meeting in September to discuss this topic, including foundations and asked Amy Brandt to help organize it and look for presenters to help the board.  Ms. Bennett will work with her on dates and meeting details.

New Business
Ms. Bennett proposed three small policy amendments to the Staff Handbook.  Gale Nashold moved that the revisions as amended by the board be approved.  Terenda Thomas seconded the motion.  It was passed unanimously.

Closed session
•    At 7:35 pm Bart Johnson moved and Gale Nashold seconded that the board move into closed session to discuss the performance of a specific employee under the authority of 2009 Maryland Code, State Government 10-508)a)(1); with the present trustees in attendance.  The motion carried unanimously.
•    At 8:37 pm the board adjourned their Closed Session and moved back into Open Session.

Open session
Board President Caroll Visintainer stated that the closed session discussion pertained to a follow up personnel discussion from their January 28 closed session.  No action was taken.

Gale Nashold moved that the meeting adjourn.  Wayne Dhue seconded the motion.  The meeting adjourned at 8:40 PM.

Actions taken
Approved their April 8, 2015 minutes
Approved the proposed final FY2016 Operating Budget
Approved Staff Handbook revisions as amended by the Board.

Next meetings: October 14, 2015, January 13, 2016

Respectfully submitted,     

Wayne Dhue, Board Secretary