April 8, 2015 Meeting Minutes

Board of Library Trustees for Caroline County

April 8, 2015  Meeting Minutes

Approved June 10, 2015


The meeting was called to order in the Central Library’s large meeting room at 5:40 PM by President Caroll Visintainer.

Caroll Visintainer, Gale Nashold, Steve Fleegle, Terenda Thomas, Bart Johnson, Wayne Dhue, and Debby Bennett, Executive Director were present. Also present were library managers John Courie, Jeanne Trice, Laura Powell, Ann Reinecke and Tara Hill-Coursey.  Special Guest presenter was Buck Duncan, President of Mid-Shore Community Foundation.

There were no members of the public present.



Mr. Duncan gave a presentation about the Mid-Shore Community Foundation is and the variety of services it provides to Caroline, Talbot, Kent, Dorchester, and Queen Anne’s Counties.  He discussed ways the library may want to consider using its services, either by applying for grants, or starting an endowment fund through Mid-Shore. 

Mr. Duncan left the meeting after his presentation.

Ms. Bennett and the board discussed next steps to learn about more options on how to seek new revenues to help enhance our services and the need to develop a more in-depth plan for the board’s restricted funds. Mr. Fleegle made the suggestion that the board add a meeting before their next meeting in June that is just focused on this subject.  They charged Ms. Bennett to find a date and set the meeting up for them.

Library Managers presentations of revised polices for board approval

•                Materials Selection Policy (Debby Bennett) – tabled until the June 10 board meeting

•                Analysis of Revenue Resources and Possible Cost Saving Strategies (Ann Reinecke)

  • Gave Ann the go ahead to create a proposal for their June meeting to allow for-profits to use the library’s meeting rooms and Computer Training Lab for a fee.
  •  Recommendation to charge $1 for Interlibrary Loan items not picked up – Ms. Thomson made the motion to accept.  Mr. Dhue seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.

•                Bulletin Board, Pamphlet and Display Case Policy (Laura Powell) – Mr. Nashold made the motion to accept as revised.  Mr. Johnson seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.

•                Art Exhibit Policy (Laura Powell).  Ms. Thomas made a motion to accept the revised policy with the assignment to staff to clarify their selection process in their Operational Guidelines.  Mr. Nashold seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.



Wayne Dhue moved that the minutes of the January 28, 2015 meeting be approved as written. Bart Johnson seconded the motion.  It was passed unanimously.

Treasurers report

Ms. Bennett reviewed with the Board both the Balance Sheet and the Treasurer’s Report. The reports were accepted to be filed for audit. 

Staff quarterly report with statistical highlights was emailed ahead of the meeting and briefly discussed.

Report of the Executive Director

  • MRDC
    • Ms. Bennett discussed her continued issues with MRDC’s representative regarding setting and reconciling the library’s annual CAM (common area maintenance) agreement that runs December – November of each year. The lease states that we meet in November.  It took Ms. Bennett until the spring to get MRDC’s representative to meet.  The representative additionally is trying to bill the library for additional 2014 items, including some URS project items.  It is still under discussion.  The 2015 CAM agreement is still not set either.
    • URS still has roof repairs of their section and the Headstart section of the Greensboro Community Center.  Landscaping and a few other items are still incomplete.  The library portion should be complete.  The roof repairs should eliminate the rest of the leaks the library still has when it rains.
  • The library received FY15 Sweep capital funding to replace its administrative area heat pump.
  • Sara Visintainer from the County Commissioners office emailed Ms. Bennett about discussion with the Marydel Mayor about how to deal with the closing of the PNC Bank in Marydel and then need for an ATM and Internet access for people to do their banking.  There was a suggestion that the Library and Recreation and Parks be included in discussions to see what could be done, including a suggestion of creating a center with public computers.
  • Ms. Bennett extended the new NCB Manager’s probation through May 30 to continue with her training.  Ms. Hill-Coursey is currently enrolled in the required LATI (Library Associate Training Institute).  The Central Library Manager, Federalsburg Branch Manager and Youth Services Manager are her direct trainers and coaches. 
  • New Strategic plan
    • An April 7 blended Community Conversation was held with William Sparks as facilitator.
    • April 11 a Community Conversation facilitated by Ms. Bennett and Enoch Pratt’s Digital Maryland Manager will be held with local genealogical and historical society members.
  • March 25 the Caroline County Chamber of Commerce held a breakfast meeting at the Central Library.  Laura Powell and John Courie gave a presentation on the library’s resources beneficial to businesses.  It was very well received.

Old Business

The Caroline County Commissioners released their proposed FY16 Operating and Capital Budgets this week.  They will be publically proposed at their final County Public Budget Hearing April 30, 2015 at 6:30 pm at the Goldsboro Volunteer Fire Company Hall.  Ms. Bennett included copies of both budgets in the board’s handouts.

They are proposing to fund the library’s FY16 Operating Budget at $1,132,435.  This includes half of the requested increase over flat funding.

They are proposing to give the library $44,000 for FY16 Capital improvements.

Ms. Bennett discussed areas they could further cut the Operating Budget.  The generosity of the commissioners to fund beyond flat funding is appreciated.  We are still working well under a comfortable budget, and the message from the county is that it will not be better off financially for some time to come.  She has begun to work on a revised budget to propose to the board in June.  Further discussions about how to sustain an excellent library system will follow.

New Business

Dr. Visintainer nominated  Amy I. Brandt, resident of Denton to complete the remaining term of Dr. Abigail McNinch ending June 30, 2016. Ms. Brandt’s first five year term would begin July 1, 2016. She is a CPA working for ASG Accounting Strategies Group, LLC in Preston.  Her specialties include non-profit and governmental accounting and auditing as well as accounting for small businesses.  Dr. Visintainer discussed the need to have someone with Ms. Brandt’s expertise on the board.   Mr. Nashold seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.  The board asked Ms. Bennett to send a letter to the county commissioners to request that Ms. Brandt be appointed to the board.

Dr. Visintainer asked for a Nominating Committee for June meeting for nominations for the FY16 officers.  The board decided to act as the Nominating Committee and vote as a whole right then. The following slate of officers were unanimously approved and begins July 1, 2015.

Dr. Visintainer – President

Mr. Fleegle – Vice President

Ms. Thomas – Treasurer

Mr. Dhue – Secretary

Actions taken

Approved  a new fee of  $1 for Interlibrary Loan items not picked up

Approved the staff’s recommended revised Bulletin Board, Pamphlet and Display Case Policy

Approved the staff’s recommended revised Art Exhibit Policy

Approved their January 28, 2015 minutes

Approved the nomination of Ms. Amy Brandt to replace Dr. Abigail McNinch to be submitted to the Caroline County Commissioners for appointment.

Approved the slate of officers for FY2016


Meeting adjourned at 8:50 PM

Next meetings: June 10, 2015, October 14, 2015, January 13, 2016


Respectfully submitted,     


Gale Nashold, Board Secretary